You make my high come down

How to manage a comedown

you make my high come down

Ooh you make my high come down (Chico & Coolwadda) Ooh you make my high come down (This from that Sudden Impact number 5) (Wild in the motherf*ckin'.

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The discography of American recording artist Nate Dogg consists of three studio albums , one compilation album, one collaboration album, and 40 singles including 35 singles as a featured artist. Nate Dogg has also appeared on several tracks released by the following artists: [39] [40] [41]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nate Dogg discography Nate Dogg in Rovi Corporation. Retrieved January 21,

The first time I had a weed brownie, I ate way too much. Someone told me to just have half, and, like the idiot novice I was, I stuffed the entire thing in my mouth. It kicked in an hour or so later, when I found myself running through a Brooklyn park thinking I was being chased by evil fairies. Then, I went home, considered calling , made my roommate babysit me instead, spilled water in my bed and spent the whole night dreaming I was on a boat. I was fine in the morning. Weed is wonderful in the right doses, but too much can amplify your anxiety, make you feel paranoid, and all-around freak you out. That being said, your head can be a scary place.

As the trend of legalization continues, more people than ever before will have the opportunity to try cannabis for the first time, legally. With this surge of new and curious consumers comes the inevitable side effect that many may consume more than they intend. While over-consumption looks different for everyone, symptoms of overdoing it include:. Step One: stop consuming cannabis in any form. As mentioned, food gives your body fuel to continue to digest whatever has been consumed. Food is also a comfort that can allow us to relax when a high becomes too much.

Nate Dogg discography

For more information please visit Leafly. Maybe the edible kicked in three hours late.

Love Come Down

Find out more about cookies and your privacy in our policy. Every drug has its own unique after-effects, and different people can have different experiences with a comedown. The only sure-fire way not to have a comedown from drugs is to not take drugs. There are, however, a few simple things you can do to make your comedown more manageable:. A comedown usually only lasts for a day or two.





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