Danielle nicole you only need me when you re down

Danielle Nicole - You Only Need Me When You're Down Lyrics

danielle nicole you only need me when you re down

Lyrics to 'You Only Need Me When You're Down' by Danielle Nicole. Saw you walking, Just the other day Prayed like hell you wouldn't look my way Its always .

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The Kansas City blues belter picked up bass specifically to fill the position when she formed Trampled Under Foot, with her brothers on guitar and drums. Her full name is Danielle Nicole Schnebelen. As TUF wound down after 13 years, Nicole formed her own band. It was actually easier to learn, because when I was sitting in front of my right-handed instructor, it was like a looking at mirror image of my fingerboard. Finding a good instrument was more of a challenge. I like the tonal flexibility of J-style basses.

Photo Credit: Marina Chavez. The self-titled EP features four tracks that were recorded in New Orleans with Osborne producing and playing guitar. As that band wound down after 13 years, she formed her own group, which is currently heading out on the road opening for George Thorogood and Buddy Guy. The EP is an introduction to Danielle as a formidable solo artist. A full length album is currently scheduled for release in late summer , featuring more music created in New Orleans with Osborne, Moore and Sedovic. Recensie: Trampled Under Foot — Badlands. Twitter Facebook Instagram Rss Email.

As Barrel Maker moves along the Kansas City streets, his delivery matches his physicality, with the lean youngster loping through the river bottoms. See also : Our feature on Barrel Maker here. The black and white video, shot in what appears to be a warehouse, only adds to the late night jam atmosphere. See also : Our interview with Schnebelen on her new EP and forthcoming album here. I thought he was kidding, but he absolutely was not. He was very persuasive and insistent and so we obliged and played a short set for the people as they were boarding the plane.

Danielle Nicole

Danielle Nicole Tickets and Dates. Her father, Bob Schnebelen, is a blues musician, as are her brothers, Nick and Kris.



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